TTGO T-Internet PoE KiCad footprint and symbol

While working on a project where a fast microcontroller with Power over Ethernet capabilities made sense, I discovered the TTGO T-Internet (also known as T-ETH) PoE ESP32 board on Aliexpress.

I have used the TTGO T-Display in the past so I figured I'd give it a shot. In order to implement it in my design I had to create a footprint and symbol as I was unable to find any pre made ones.

For the footprint I used Fusion 360 to create a sketch and used digital calipers to properly measure the board dimensions. Once that was done I exported the sketch as a DXF file and imported it into the KiCad footprint editor. From there I used the imported pad outlines as a template and placed pads on top of them. The symbol was a lot more staight forward as I just needed to use an existing template and assign descriptions to the pads.

I'm sharing these to help out other people who want to use this board in their designs. I have had PCBs made using this footprint and can confirm the pins line up as you would expect.

TTGO T-Internet Footprint
TTGO T-Internet Footprint

Programming Header Pin Definitions (left to right)
1 - TX
2 - RX
3 - IO0
4 - RST
5 - GND
6 - 3V3
Main Header Pin Definitions
7 - IO36 15 - IO39
8 - IO34 16 - IO35
9 - IO16 17 - IO32
10 - IO33 18 - IO12
11 - IO04 19 - IO15
12 - IO02 20 - IO14
13 - 3V3 21 - GND
14 - 3V3 22 - GND

Get the files on Github:

Here is a very detailed resource on this board: